Summer Term Newsletter

As we fast approach the end of our academic year and what a year it has been for everyone, Masters remain proud and grateful of our staff and students. Alongside this, of our own ability to continue to deliver a full training programme, during this global pandemic. With Covid restrictions and class bubbles obviously still in place at the College this term, we are lucky to now have full face-to-face classes, back in play.

Masters are delighted that most recently we were able to work on Inhouse productions with all year groups and bring the joy and adrenaline of performance back into the building, also allowing covid restricted audiences. To see them attend and enjoy these events was such a highlight. Live Theatre happening again – much needed for both invited audience, creatives and cast members. This term we have also welcomed Our Advisory Panel back into HQ, continuing to listen, learn and grow, which is vital for development here at Masters. Alongside this, we offered webinars with Terry Hyde and Rebecca Heald, backing up our Welfare Team already in place here, ensuring the mental & physical health and safety of students remains paramount.

We now look towards the finish line for our Graduates and also ensuring that Yr 1 and 2 are ready for their jump up the college ladder. Focusing heavily our energy on ensuring that the Grads are fully equipped, feeling ready and supported for their next step, out into the Industry.

Proud Principal once again, of individual journeys and achievements this term, next to the resilience of these young adults, which we all continue to witness and be inspired by.

Keep safe and well.

Matt Plummer