As our Vocational training recommences, we re-open our doors safely and with fresh hope for all at Masters HQ. Standing tall and proud of our students and their families who have supported them, during the ongoing challenges of this pandemic.

Having delivered a successful and full virtual training programme, during this period of time, giving the students the opportunity to stay connected to their college and chosen craft, we are thrilled that it is now time, for face-to-face training to resume.

A massive thank you and note of respect, also goes out to our resident staff, guest creatives and welfare professionals, who have continued to support and deliver for Masters.

We now welcome all students and staff back into the building, mindful of all individuals’ situations and circumstances, supporting and encouraging, as ever. We also remain strict and secure on all ongoing Covid restrictions and Government guidelines, with rapid flow tests being requested and encouraged twice weekly. This service is being provided by the Colleges partnership with our local authorities, alongside our own safety regulations that are also in place, whilst training.

We look forward to letting our studios be filled with energy and enthusiasm once again and nurturing our students, as they embark back on their chosen career path. The term ahead and overview for it, is already looking dynamic and inspiring and we are all focused and dedicated, alongside the students’ training, in ensuring a strong and powerful punch of forthcoming performances.

Our Virtual Auditions have remained busy and we have been overwhelmed by the talents and potential that we have so far seen. Should you wish to audition for September entry, you can find details of our Virtual Auditions on both our Home page and Entry & Auditions page. We are also looking forward to a time soon, when we can hold LIVE auditions back at our HQ.

Any questions on both LIVE or VIRTUAL auditions – Please drop us an email to and the Team will come back to you .

As we begin again, proud doesn’t quite cut it and for that, amongst the achievements and resilience of these young adults, that we have witnessed during the most unsettling of times, is what gives us extra strength and inspiration.

Stay safe and well

Matt Plummer