Graduate Showcase




  • Height 5’10
  • Hair colour Hair colour icon
  • Eye colour Eye colour icon
  • Nationality Nationality icon
  • Playing age 18-27


YearTypeRoleProduction / Directors
2023WorkshopActorChildren’s TV Show, RD studios – Lily Pollard
2023MusicalFred Casely/EnsembleChicago, MPA – Sarah Mayhew
2023FilmSupporting DancerBetterman – Michael Gracey
2023PantomimeEnsemblePolkadot’s Beauty and the Beast – Lorinda King
2022Fashion ShowDancer/ModelMPA – Andrew Hamshire
2022MusicalKyle/EnsembleLegally Blonde, MPA – Sarah Mayhew, Blair Anderson

Special skills

  • Accent

    Scottish (Native), RP, Standard English, General American, Southern American, Northern – Sheffield/Leeds

  • Singing

    Baritone, Character Singing

  • Dance

    Hip–hop, Contemporary, Commercial, Technical Jazz, Musical Theatre

  • Sport

    Basketball, Bouldering, Swimming, Cycling, Tae Kwon–Do, Running, Gym

  • Other

    Bartending, Electrician (Qualified), Driving License, Puppetry, Poker