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Password: elisa


  • Height 5’3
  • Hair colour Hair colour icon
  • Eye colour Eye colour icon
  • Nationality Nationality icon
  • Playing age 16-25


YearTypeRoleProduction / Directors
2020MusicalMonaChicago, MPA In-house, Vikki Bussell, James Murrum
2020StageDancerMove It, MPA – Oli Metzler
2019StageDancer/EnsembleRise, MPA – Matt Plumber
2019StageDancerMove It, ‘Sacred dance of the demon’ MPA – Oli Metzler
2019StageDancerMove It, ‘Get Ready’ MPA – Alan Burkitt
2019MusicalJennifer GabrielleWitches of Eastwick, MPA In -House – Ali James, James Murrum
2019ImprovActor24hr Improvathon, Ali James
2018StageDancerMove It, ‘The Fued’ MPA – Alan Burkitt
2018StageDancerClick, MPA - Matt Plummer

Special skills

  • Accent

    Essex, RP, standard English, general American, Australian, general Northern

  • Singing

    Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Choral, Contemporary Singing, Character Singing, Legit Singing

  • Dance

    Technical Jazz, Commercial, Ballet, Lyrical Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre Contemporary

  • Other

    Bartender, personal license holder (alcohol license), driving license, powerboat license, basic guitar