Following Masters new partnership, announced earlier this Summer and after an incredible 19 years for me personally, my Masters journey is now ending.


Having experienced so very much along the way, I would like to thank the numerous people that have been a part of this, who have supported me, stood by my side and helped me achieve the many goals – You know who you are. I am privileged to have worked with some of the most passionate, faithful, talented, creative people and friends – for this I am forever lucky and truly grateful. There have been so many instrumental people over my time here, some stayed a while and some left too soon but with respect and fond memories to all who made a difference and to those who still remain the Masters family. Having also nurtured and worked with countless students, I again stand tall with gratitude and pure pride, having witnessed some of the most incredible talent and success stories. I also must thank all the supporters of Masters, for their belief and trust. 

I would now like to wish Vikki Bussell, along with the Creative Team and the current students here, all the very best as they move Masters forwards into its next chapter.

It has been my absolute honour to captain this ship.

Forever Proud