Entry, Auditions & Fees

Entrance to
the Masters
course is by
audition only

Auditions are held throughout the year

Entrance to the course is by audition only for applicants aged 16 and above and of a satisfactory standard in one or more genres, whilst showing a respectable academic level.

In some cases Masters will accept applicants with no previous training providing they show potential and have the correct physical attributes.

How to apply

Please download & print the application form.

The audition

The audition will consist of an audition class in Classical Ballet followed by a Technical & Commercial Jazz class.

Following this, there will be the solo audition process where you will be required to perform a prepared acting monologue & solo song. 

Applicants should wear appropriate attire for each discipline.

Fees & Entry

Tuition fees are paid termly in advance. However, we do have facilities in place for those who may wish to pay monthly. If you wish to discuss this, please contact the admin office. Fees can be paid by electronic bank transfer or by cheque.

Fees are payable in advance and are due on the first day of each term. Fees are non-refundable due to an absence or ill health.

Masters Diploma Course – 3 years

Tuition Fees are £3800 per term inc VAT totalling £11,400 per year inc VAT Audition Fee £36.00 Registration Fee £200.00 Audition and Registration fees are non-refundable.


Associated Fees

There is a small additional compulsory annual associated fee payment of approximately £350-£500 (for a detailed list of what this covers please contact the office).


Masters Scholarship Scheme

Masters operates its own scholarship scheme. Scholarships are given at the discretion of the directors and are monitored termly to ensure that students given awards remain committed and focused.  Masters reserve the right to withdraw scholarships should a student fall below the standard expected.


There are various funding methods available to students and their parents. At present Masters operates its own Scholarship and Fee Assisted program.

Fee Assisted Places

These are also given entirely at the discretion of the directors. Students given such awards can be offered various discounts to the current term fees. The amount of an award can vary from student to student and can be based on a number of influencing factors such as ability, commitment, background.

Masters has in the past helped many students to complete our course who without any financial help from us would otherwise have been unable to do so.

Fee Assisted places as with scholarships can be removed immediately should a student fail to attain the standards required by Masters.

Sponsorship & Charitable Trusts

Students may also consider try to obtain some form of sponsorship from local or large businesses or applying to one of the many charitable trusts that have been known to help students who wish to gain a career in performing arts.

Withdrawal From Masters

Withdrawal from the college without giving the correct notice period will result in extra fees being incurred. For further information, please contact our administrator for a copy of our Terms & Conditions.

Medical & Health Insurance

All joining students will be required to complete a medical form signed by their doctor. And register with a local GP prior to the commencement of the course.

It is strongly recommended that students take out personal medical insurance prior to the commencement of the course.

Applications From The EU

We welcome applications in the same format as the above. Video auditions are available in certain circumstances.


A full list of respectable accommodation within the surrounding area is available from the office on request. The vetted list is updated annually and offers options such as host-families, along with a house and flat share.


If you have any further questions please use the message box on the contact page.