During what can only be described as a challenging and unsettling period for all – Masters have stayed connected and committed to our students, with online training throughout this global pandemic. Our students and faculty have shown immense application to these difficult times. Masters have also navigated themselves through these unprecedented times, by ensuring that we continue to reach out to both local and national MP’s. Letting our voice be heard in championing the arts and our own colleges aims, goals and place within this Industry. Applying for grants and lobbying with local parliament to help raise support. Our main aim now is to get all of our students and staff safely back into full training and work for September, as restrictions continue to ease but ultimately when it is safe to do so. The Health and safety of everyone remains paramount. We are working tirelessly to understand and keep up to speed with the UK Governments guidelines, as Masters make ready for the Autumn Term. Please be assured that as a Team, we are preparing for all outcomes but ultimately we have the vision and focus for a September return. Whatever format this may also be forced to take, the safety of all will be at the forefront, followed closely by a full training programme to fit and suit all circumstances and eventualities.

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Matt Plummer – Principal